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IDBrandModel DescriptionDateNibConditionPrice
6939 A. A. Watermantwist-filler black hard rubber slip-cap with gold filled hand-engraved floral pattern overlay, 14.4 cm long, "F.O." on barrel, marked "NOT CONNECTED WITH/THE L.E. WATERMAN CO."; #2 AA nib is tightly sprung and somewhat toothy, overlay metalwork is in excellent condition but for a small area of age speckling on the barrel and some corrosion around one cap breather hole (see detail) c. 1906 extra-fineVG-fine $685 ORDER

15836 A. A. Waterman (?)eyedropper-filler black hard rubber slip-cap with full Art Nouveau fine silver filigree overlay, 13.1 cm long, marked only "30" at the end of the barrel and "STERLING" on the overlay, narrow feed of distinctive inner construction, all suggesting A. A. Waterman manufacture. Initials scratched onto barrel cartouche, pitting at top of cap surely from original manufacturing method of electrodeposition. Nib tipping is somewhat scant but a good writer, boldly calligraphic c. 1903 broad italic flexVG $375 ORDER

15863 Aikin LambertMercantile mottled hard rubber slip-cap eyedropper-filler, 13.3 cm long, excellent color and imprints, ribbed section, narrow feed, #2 nib is a lively and responsive writer, the very beginning of an axial stress hairline visible next to the vent hole under magnification. Cap mouth has been sleeved with black hard rubber to repair a small crack, traces now visible only on closest inspection c. 1905 fine stub flexfine* $265 ORDER

15745 Aikin Lamberteyedropper-filler in box black hard rubber taper-cap with full gold filled filigree overlay, 14.8 cm long, narrow feed, #1 Aikin Lambert nib is an excellent writer but has a hairline crack under the section and coming up through the imprint which should be repaired if the nib is to be used extensively. Monogram on barrel cartouche, overlay on cap has shifted slightly (vent holes on overlay and liner do not line up perfectly), one small sealed hairline in hard rubber looks like a scratch. Overall excellent appearance, hard rubber has not been reblackened. Box hinge has been repaired c. 1908 extra-fine flexfine* $950 ORDER

11968 Aikin Lamberteyedropper-filler black hard rubber taper-cap with pearl slabbed barrel; 14.1 cm long, gold filled trim, ribbed section, #3 nib; excellent quality and condition, thicker barrel than is usual with Aikin Lambert and Waterman pearl-slab taper-caps c. 1912 extra-fine semiflexexc $685 ORDER

13137 Aikin LambertMercantile rare black chased hard rubber ringtop safety, 9.3 cm long, gold filled trim, identical to a Waterman 42½V but for imprints, nib, and feed; nib has semistub tip. Waterman acquired Aikin Lambert around 1907 c. 1920 medium flexfine $245 ORDER

15078 Aikin Lambertlever-filler black hard rubber ringtop, full gold filled overlay, 9.5 cm long; unusual and interesting, as this is identical to a Waterman 0552 1/2V Sheraton but for the nib, feed, lever, and complete absence of overlay imprints. In this era Waterman used Aikin Lambert as a sub-brand, often finishing Waterman pens as Aikin Lamberts in order to use up surplus or slightly defective parts. This pen, however, is the first of its kind that we have seen, and appears to be first-quality throughout. The overlay is crisp and unbrassed, but the nib isn't the smoothest, and has a near-invisible hairline at its base c. 1928 fine flexexc* $275 ORDER

13010 American Fountain Pen Co.Moore's Non-Leakable rare early model retracting-nib safety with short cap and slotted sleeve, 14.65 cm long, gold filled high relief floral filigree barrel overlay with monogram engraved in cartouche; #2 nib is extremely flexible but has a hairline from the vent hole (see detail), condition of pen is otherwise notable, hard rubber crisp and glossy, some scratches on barrel from rubbing of sleeve, safety post inside cap missing c. 1902 medium fine superflexfine-exc* $1200 ORDER

15992 American Fountain Pen Co.Moore's Non-Leakable black chased hard rubber retracting-nib safety, 11.9 cm long, posting end marked "1" and (weakly) "2.50", 1903 patent cap imprint. Some subtle fading, #2 American Fountain Pen nib is flexible and responsive c. 1917 fine flexfine-exc $225 ORDER

14991 Bostoneyedropper-filler black hard rubber ringtop, smooth sterling silver overlay, 10 cm long, marked only "STERLING" on cap and barrel; factory italic #2 Boston Safety nib is notably calligraphic. Fine overall appearance, bumps to end of barrel (see detail) c. 1915 medium italic semiflexVG-fine $265 ORDER

16525 Camelbutton-filler red pearl marble, 13.35 cm long, gold filled trim, distinctive proportions and cool drinking camels logo imprint on barrel and nib. Later production without ink pellet feature, overall appearance excellent, noting tiny stress line on side of clip (stable, see detail) and marks to top of nib. Outstanding writer, effortlessly calligraphic c. 1939 extra-fine stub flexfine* $365 ORDER

12754 Careyeyedropper-filler in box black hard rubber straight-cap, gold filled chased pattern overlay, 13.5 cm long, nearly identical to a contemporary Aikin Lambert, narrow feed, #2 Carey nib has been retipped, is extremely soft and should be used with a light touch; "Cecilia" engraved on barrel cartouche, cap crown disk bumped askew from dings to cap top bead (see detail); fancy box is clean with full Carey markings on the interior c. 1910 fine stub flexVG-fine $895 ORDER

14992 Careyeyedropper-filler slender black hard rubber straight-cap, hand-engraved heavy green gold filled overlay with scrolling floral vines, 13.3 cm long, fully marked on the barrel, closely similar to contemporary Aikin Lambert and Fairchild products; Carey nib opens easily, a wet writer with plenty of line width variation, name engraved in barrel cartouche c. 1910 medium fine flexexc $965 ORDER

16301 CarterInx unusual vest pocket size black and pearl lever-filler, 10.7 cm long, gold filled trim, black barrel end; Carter nib has some flex with pressure, precise writer c. 1932 extra-fine semiflexfine $165 ORDER

12957 Centuryeyedropper-filler black chased hard rubber taper-cap, 15 cm long, over and under feed, imprint with 1893 patent date. Moderate even fading, imprints and chasing are sharp except where heat-softened towards front of barrel, nib is usable as is but has lost its tipping. An early pen of excellent quality, from a company closely tied to Parker c. 1898 fine stub flexVG-fine* $250 ORDER

11527 Centuryeyedropper-filler slender black hard rubber slip-cap with full gold filled overlay, 13.5 cm long, over and under feed; despite Century's close ties to Parker, this pen most closely resembles a Waterman of the era -- the overlay likely coming from a common source, Heath. Sound overall condition, noting trace plating wear to high edges and more severe wear to the barrel's posting end (see details) c. 1905 fine flexG-VG $650 ORDER

14567 Chilton16S uncommon vest pocket size black pneumatic-filler, 10.9 cm long, gold filled trim c. 1935 broad semiflexexc $350 ORDER

16036 ChiltonWing-flow burgundy pneumatic-filler, 12.85 cm long, gold filled trim, initials "CEB" inlaid in barrel; filler knob imprints bold, some scratches to very end, Wing-flow nib has been retipped to a wonderfully calligraphic rounded italic, sharp-edged yet smooth c. 1938 medium italc flexfine-exc $685 ORDER

13510 Conklin3 black hard rubber slip-cap crescent-filler with gold filled trefoil filigree overlay, 13.3 cm long, notable easy-opening #3 nib with narrow feed, engraved monogram in cap cartouche, shallow bumps to cap crown, overlay otherwise nice and clean c. 1912 extra-fine flexfine $850 ORDER

15303 ConklinJaxon clipless black chased hard rubber stud-filler, 13.3 cm long, patented variant of Conklin's crescent-filler with a metal lock ring securing the filling stud against accidental actuation. Nearly all of these pens were sold under the Jaxon name, used by Conklin as a sub-brand. Nice clean #3-size, strong chasing and imprints, usual rust to lock ring c. 1916 fine stub flexfine-exc $265 ORDER

16284 Conklinlever-filler gold filled ringtop, 10.55 cm long, "all-metal" style with checkerboard engine turning, long-tined #3 nib is an elegant writer with pleasant paper feel, semistub tip c. 1922 fine flexexc $265 ORDER

16437 Conklin26P black chased hard rubber ringtop lever-filler, 11.35 cm long, gold filled trim, crisp and glossy, has not been reblackened, sharp imprints, flexible long-tined #2 Conklin Toledo nib c. 1923 fine flexexc $120 ORDER

13490 Conklin2 black hard rubber ringtop crescent-filler, gold filled trefoil filigree overlay, 11.3 cm long, initials engraved in cap cartouche, #2 nib has easy flex c. 1923 medium fine flexVG-fine $420 ORDER

15659 ConklinEnsemble in box pen-pencil combination, green veined pearl lever-filler, 14.7 cm long, gold filled trim, excellent color preservation in this material that is so prone to discoloration; bold imprints, plating excellent, some light toothmarks visible on cap on close inspection, 1.1 mm lead pencil nozzle has a hairline crack that does not affect function, looks like a scratch, otherwise excellent condition. Noteworthy nib c. 1932 extra-fine flexfine* $595 ORDER

16285 ConklinNozac desk pen black veined green pearl plunger-filler, black taper, 18.6 cm long, excellent transparency of ink window with 5000-word "Word Gauge", pen never filled with original cork and rubber seal unstained and freely moving. Nozac desk pens are rare, especially in this condition. Not guaranteed to fill or to be ink-tight, though mechanically perfect c. 1932 extra-fine semiflexnear mint* $360 ORDER

12221 ConklinNozac rare black-veined green marbled piston-filler, 13.6 cm long, gold filled trim, unusual top-mounted clip, barrel marked "PAT. PENDING", otherwise no maker's marks, name on barrel. We have only seen a handful of these pens, which appear to have been made for resale by catalog retailers c. 1933 medium finefine $450 ORDER

15743 ConklinNozac desk pen grey and silver pearl herringbone 12-sided piston-filler, 17.4 cm long, gold filled trim, crisp imprints, fine barrel transparency, short-lived and uncommon two-tone nib shows usual plating loss, condition of pen otherwise is excellent plus c. 1935 extra-finefine-exc $385 ORDER

16123 Coronadesk set large pen in handsomely striated celluloid, gold filled trim with black hard rubber taper, similar size as #5 Waterman, unusual filling system where taper turns clockwise to operate a button-filler style pressure bar to compress and release the sac (this system was later used by Matador in Germany). Green marble base is 4 inches (10 cm) square with engraved plaque, typical scattered chips to edges c. 1930 fine flexfine $475 ORDER

13285 De La RueOnoto uncommon New York-made black hard rubber plunger-filler, 14.4 cm long, gold filled trefoil filigree overlay, over and under feed. Fully marked including 1906 USA patent date on section flange, barrel overlay is mounted on a chased and imprinted barrel. Onotos were made in the USA for only a short time, c. 1909-1912 c. 1910 fine flexfine-exc $1100 ORDER

16074 Eagleglass cartridge pen black lacquered brass, 12 cm long, one of the earliest cartridge pens made; barrel is fully imprinted, stating "PATENTED" but unlike later examples no citation of patent date of 1890; untipped brass nib has been restraightened, top surfaces a little wavy, but still a fine writer. Original glass cartridge is intact and stuck onto section nipple. Sold as an historical relic, would need minor work to be put in working condition c. 1890 extra-fine flexG* $105 ORDER

16075 Eagleglass cartridge pen black lacquered brass, 12 cm long, one of the earliest cartridge pens made; barrel is fully imprinted, stating "PATENTED" but unlike later examples no citation of patent date of 1890; untipped brass nib retains almost all of its original bright plating, glass cartridge is included but mouth damaged, chip to side of feed (see detail; may affect function). Cosmetically fine+ but sold as an historical relic, could be adapted to use a plastic cartridge as described here but no guarantee regarding the feed c. 1890 extra-fine semiflexG-VG* $105 ORDER

15967 Eagleglass cartridge pen black lacquered brass, hexagonal, 12.1 cm long, one of the earliest cartridge pens made; cap is fully imprinted with patent date of 1890; untipped plated brass nib is smooth and responsive but feed tip is missing so best used as a dip pen or kept as a display item. Original glass cartridge is intact, will not fit on now-hardened section nipple c. 1895 fine flexVG* $95 ORDER

15975 EagleFlash No. 25 clipless black hard rubber screw-cap, 14.5 cm long, unusual "Flash" filler (end knob pulls to flatten sac); crisp and glossy, as with many Eagle nibs there is a lot of paper feel but a finely shaded line like from a flexible dip pen nib c. 1910 extra-fine flexexc $265 ORDER

15282 Eagleeyedropper-filler black hard rubber with high relief hand repousse gold filled overlay, 13.5 cm long, narrow feed, ribbed section, Eagle nib. Like new with no wear but a few very shallow bumps to the overlay -- one of the fanciest Eagles you are ever likely to see c. 1910 extra-fine semiflexexc $950 ORDER

16421 Eaglecombination black hard rubber eyedropper-filler, 15.7 cm long, pencil end uses standard 2mm drafting lead; introduced no later than 1913, this appears to have been the first mass-produced pen-pencil combo. Barrel imprint clean,"Klymax" marked clip, nib is smooth and responsive, lively flexibility c. 1915 extra-fine flexfine $275 ORDER

16258 Eagle (?)pen-pencil combination black chased hard rubber eyedropper-filler, 15.3 cm long, pencil end uses 2 mm lead, warranted #2 nib is notably flexible; cap fits perfectly but is evidently a replacement, as the chasing pattern is slightly different. No maker's mark, barrel imprinted for the Philadelphia investment banking firm of Montgomery, Clothier and Tyler (Theodore Roosevelt Jr. became a partner after graduating from Harvard in 1909, so would have been with the firm at the time of this combo's manufacture) c. 1912 medium fine flexfine-exc* $175 ORDER

16073 Edward ToddParagon smooth black hard rubber eyedropper-filler, 12.5 cm long, imprinted only "PARAGON"; simple overfeed, nib marked "14K" underneath, came to us with an old slip-on clip with patent date of 1910. Nib tipping is scant, still quite usable c. 1901 medium fine flexfine $165 ORDER

16233 Edward Toddeyedropper-filler black chased hard rubber slip-cap, 13.45 cm long, early narrow feed, long-tined #2 nib writes well but slit badly cut (see detail). This appears to be an interesting example of second-quality parts being utilitized for a retailer-branded model, here for the New York stationer Alfred Gumbinner, whose "MODEL" trademark was registered in 1913 c. 1913 fine flexVG $105 ORDER

12956 Edward Toddlever-filler oversize all-metal 16K gold filled, 13.2 cm long, grouped parallel lines pattern; initials in barrel cartouche, damaged original #6 Edward Todd nib included, has been replaced with a contemporary warranted #6 nib of excellent quality. An Edward Todd this large is most unusual c. 1928 needlepointexc* $450 ORDER

16322 Edward Toddlever-filler black hard rubber with 16K gold filled overlay in ribbed pattern, 12.35 cm long, warranted nib is an old replacement of excellent quality, a great choice for those who like an extremely fine line; plating wear evident but all markings clear, an attractive and stylish Art Deco user c. 1932 needlepointVG* $120 ORDER

16282 EversharpDoric uncommon small model, black facetted plunger-filler, 11.6 cm long, gold filled trim, Gold Seal, "FLEXIBLE" marked nib, ink shutoff valve seal has been restored and is fully functional c. 1938 extra-fine flexfine-exc $385 ORDER

11879 EversharpSkyline Demi rare early production slender burgundy lever-filler with striped cap, gold filled trim, section with transparent ink window, standard short-model length at 12.2 cm long, but markedly slimmer (10 mm OD over barrel threads) -- parts do not interchange with any standard production pen; well worn but mechanically sound, gouges to barrel, lever sits slightly loosely at rest. To date we have found only a handful of examples of this slender model (Demis are normally shorter than standard Skylines but of the same thickness) c. 1941 extra-fine rigidVG $225 ORDER

15677 EversharpSkyline set in box dark green lever-filler, 13.4 cm long, gold filled over silver wartime trim, deluxe version with covered derby, wide cap band; matching repeater pencil uses 1.1 mm lead, both pieces retain original price bands, appears to be new old stock but pen has been filled and there is a polished-out nick to the lip of the section under the feed (see detail). Unusually, the instruction sheet and guarantee is in Portuguese, so likely an export set despite the US dollar pricing c. 1944 broadexc-near mint $250 ORDER

14260 EversharpSymphony set in box black lever-filler with chrome cap, gold filled inset band, chrome lever, 14 cm long, extra-fine manifold nib; matching repeater pencil uses 1.1 mm lead. Both with original barrel price bands and stickers, box comes with bottom portion of cardboard outer box and display insert. Original sac has not been replaced but appears to be still flexible c. 1952 extra-fine firmmint $145 ORDER

16239 EversharpSymphony set in box dark green lever-filler with chrome cap, gold filled inset band, chrome lever, 13.9 cm long, smooth wet nib; matching repeater pencil uses 1.1 mm lead c. 1952 medium flexfine-exc $125 ORDER

13661 EversharpGregg in box unusual black lever-filler, 13.35 cm long, gold filled trim, made for resale by the Gregg shorthand company and bearing an enameled Gregg logo in the cap top, and carrying a special Gregg-marked nib over a Skyline-style feed. Wahl-Eversharp made Gregg and Palmer Method pens from the 1920s on, but postwar examples are particularly uncommon, and this is the first example we have had with the original box and instructions c. 1955 extra-fineexc $225 ORDER

14892 FairchildUnique very early black chased hard rubber straight-cap eyedropper-filler, 12.85 cm long, patent date of 1885 but advertised into the early 1890s; distinctive flat nib with slight dihedral, advertised as 16K gold. Hard rubber surface is rough and pitted from harsh cleaning, imprints worn but legible. A rare and historically significant model from one of the most prominent gold nib makers of the dip pen era, and the first supplier of gold nibs to Waterman c. 1888 fine flexG $325 ORDER

15796 Fairchild (?)retracting dip pen rare twist-action model, 13.1 cm long retracted, clean and crisp gold filled engine turned barrel, unusually bold patterning; wooden taper is turned to extend and retract the nib. Repaired hairline crack in taper, bumps to nib holder, solid gold #4 nib is an E. S. Johnson (Fairchild and Johnson later merged). Unmarked, but we have had very similar Fairchild-marked examples c. 1875 extra-fine flexVG* $285 ORDER

15833 Fisherdip pen unmarked gold filled holder with removable wooden taper, 14.7 cm long excluding nib; unusual imprint of two crossed quills and letters standing for "Paragon Gold Quill-Pens", trademarked on Nov 11, 1873 c. 1875 extra-fine flexVG $225 ORDER

16118 H. M. Smithdip pen sterling silver twist pattern holder marked only "STERLING" (likely Mabie Todd manufacture), 18 cm long including #3 ventless gold nib c. 1895 extra-fine flexexc $265 ORDER

15249 John Hollandeyedropper-filler unusually thick-barreled black hard rubber taper-cap, alternating dark and light pearl slabs, 14.9 cm long, patent split feed, Holland #13 nib has good tipping but has a crack from the vent hole, fine for use with a gentle touch, could easily be laser-welded for full durability. c. 1905 fine flexVG* $675 ORDER

15370 John Hollandeyedropper-filler black chased hard rubber taper-cap, 14.8 cm long, crisp chasing and imprints, hard rubber glossy and unfaded, appears never to have been filled, though there is a stress crack in the cap (from being squeezed, most likely, since it is in the middle and not at the mouth). Came to us without a nib, we have added a period-correct #4 Holland nib. Nib tipping is scant, worn away on one side, nib is still entirely usable though somewhat toothy with pressure c. 1905 fine flexfine* $350 ORDER

15874 John Hollanddip pen gold filled holder, fully marked, extending ebonized wood taper, 14.5 cm long overall open, 7.2 cm closed, #5 Holland ventless gold nib writes like a high-flexibility steel nib c. 1875 extra-fine flexfine-exc $275 ORDER

15841 Mabie Todddip pen and pencil set sterling silver and gold filled two-tone twist pattern with pearl taper, 11.7 cm long excluding #4 Mabie Todd ventless gold nib; matching desk pencil accepts standard 2.0 mm lead though originally designed for .076" c. 1895 fine flexfine-exc $425 ORDER

16300 Mabie ToddSwan early New York made black chased hard rubber straight-cap eyedropper-filler, 13.6 cm long, gold filled barleycorn overlay, Mabie Todd & Bard imprint, last patent listed is US314547 of 1885, over-under feed with twisted silver feed tail, nib is English production. Overlay has spotty losses and a couple of test marks on the cap, tool marks on section overlay; fine overall appearance c. 1902 broad semiflexVG $425 ORDER

11132 Mabie ToddSwan hard rubber straight-cap eyedropper-filler with extremely rare Fleur-de-lys pattern gold filled high relief overlay; 13.5 cm long, full Mabie Todd & Bard imprint on barrel with 1880s patent dates, classic over and under feed with twisted silver wire "tail". Initial on cap, name on barrel, only a handful of examples of this design are currently known, with a silver specimen selling for over $11,000 on eBay in November 2013£6,750 for silver on eBay UK Nov 2013 to Graham Jasper, Silvert underbidding c. 1905 medium stub flexVG-fine $4500 ORDER

15996 Mabie ToddSwan 2 Self-Filler black chased hard rubber lever-filler, 13.9 cm long, nickel plated trim, New York production, scarce early "split" lever. Clean glossy surfaces with good chasing and imprints, two fins missing from feed (does not affect function) c. 1916 medium fine flexfine* $295 ORDER

16202 Mabie ToddSwan black chased hard rubber lever-filler, 13.9 cm long, nickel plated trim, New York imprints, scarce Toronto-marked nib. Even fading, all imprints clear, nib has cracks (see detail) and should eventually be repaired, but is usable as is c. 1923 fine flexVG* $175 ORDER

16060 Mabie ToddSwan Eternal 44 large mottled hard rubber lever-filler, 13.9 cm long, gold filled trim, New York production; large #4 Eternal nib, intact fine-finned comb feed. Notably rich patterning to the hard rubber, like early Montblanc material. Some scratches to the clip (see details) but overall appearance is excellent c. 1923 extra-fine firmfine $395 ORDER

11940 Mabie ToddSwan set in box black hard rubber lever-filler with engine turned gold filled overlay, 13.2 cm long, New York production, with matching Fyne Poynt pencil; both would be near mint, but the pencil has a couple of scratches and bumps to the eraser cover and the pen has the typical corrosion damage to the section overlay (see details). Still a very handsome set, top quality construction and weight, pencil uses 1.1 mm lead, pen is a smooth writer c. 1926 medium fine semiflexfine-exc* $450 ORDER

10205 Mabie ToddSwan set in box beautiful and solid New York-made lever-filler in 1/5 18K gold filled, 13.1 cm long, crisp rings chasing pattern (usually found on Edward Todd pens, but very uncommon for Mabie Todd). Matching 1.1 mm Fyne Poynt pencil, both pieces bear a neatly engraved 1928-dated inscription on their barrels. Nib is set tight, so writes a very fine line, but the tip is large enough that it could be adjusted to a medium fine if opened up. Set is like new with attractive age toning, no brassing but usual Mabie Todd seam lines visible where end caps soldered on pen c. 1928 extra-fine semiflexnear mint $685 ORDER

16311 Mabie ToddSwan Self-Filling rare and unusual black celluloid clipless lever-filler in the form of a turn of the century desk pen, 15.6 cm long, gold filled trim, imprinted "POSTING" next to the lever. A small number of similar pens were made by Mabie Todd earlier as hard rubber screw-cap eyedropper-fillers for a Pittsburgh stationer as a special order. This pen is also New York production and not catalogued -- and at least as uncommon as the Pittsburgh pens c. 1932 needlepointexc $465 ORDER

16068 Mabie ToddSwan set in box black hard rubber lever-filler, full 14K gold filled overlay in bold Machine Age Deco style, 12.9 cm long, matching pencil uses 1.1 mm lead. Late New York City production, top quality, seldom seen c. 1938 fine stub semiflexexc-near mint $850 ORDER

13425 MooreNon-Leakable black hard rubber retracting-nib safety with smooth gold filled overlay, 12.1 cm long, Moore #2 nib; one shallow ding and some pinprick marks to the cap, small patch of corrosion at front of barrel overlay (see details), safety post inside cap is absent c. 1920 fine stub flexVG-fine $650 ORDER

15962 MooreL-93 long slender "Tuscan" red-brown celluloid lever-filler, 13.85 cm long, gold filled trim, responsive Maniflex nib, sharp imprints c. 1928 fine flexexc $295 ORDER

14698 OmasMilord T2 in box full-size facetted piston-filler, 13.5 cm long, rhodium-plated trim, cap and barrel machined from solid titanium, elegant matte finish, responsive titanium nib has been professionally smoothed and tuned; short-lived model of the highest quality and refinement, with all original packaging and instructions 2000 medium fine flexmint $1250 ORDER

14472 ParkerSilver Dollar very rare economy sub-brand black hard rubber eyedropper-filler, 14.6 cm long, stepped section, distinctive early feed, original ventless nib marked only "14K". Barrel imprint very light, barrel slightly out of round from what appears to have been the removal of a name. Cap is an accurate reproduction in original material c. 1897 medium fine flexG* $465 ORDER

11977 Parker30 black hard rubber eyedropper-filler, 13.7 cm long, gold filled overlay with scrollwork and diamond pattern, one of Parker's most expensive gold filled pens at the time, catalogued at $10. Rare, short-lived Lucky Curve feed with side cutouts, responsive Lucky Curve nib; metalwork crisp, name on barrel, a few marks on the posting end, but much better than usually seen, tiny hairline in section mouth underneath nib (see detail) c. 1904 fine flexVG-fine $1200 ORDER

13552 Parker018 rare black hard rubber "Jointless" eyedropper-filler, 13.9 cm long, spearhead Lucky Curve feed, barrel imprint heavily worn, no visible cap imprint, hairline from vent hole of teardrop-vent Lucky Curve nib should be repaired if pen is to be used extensively, otherwise usable as is c. 1905 medium fine stub flexG* $250 ORDER

15009 Parker16 Jack-Knife Safety baby "turban top" black hard rubber screw-cap ringtop eyedropper-filler with gold filled filigree overlay, 8.4 cm long, fully marked; early production, #3 keyhole-vent nib has been retipped and is highly flexible c. 1910 fine flexfine* $765 ORDER

16125 Parker16 Jack-Knife Safety small "turban top" black hard rubber screw-cap ringtop eyedropper-filler with gold filled filigree overlay; 9.65 cm long, fully marked, #2 teardrop-vent nib has minimal tipping yet is still a good writer, hard rubber good and dark, has not been reblackened c. 1913 medium flexfine $750 ORDER

12849 Parker20 rare slip-cap button-filler with transparent Bakelite barrel, hard rubber cap; 14.1 cm long, good barrel imprint, no model number on blind cap, #2 keyhole-vent Lucky Curve nib has moderate flex. A transparent silicone sac has been installed c. 1914 fine flexfine $485 ORDER

9777 Parker61 in box black hard rubber eyedropper-filler with full overlay, 12.9 cm long, intact Lucky Curve feed, #3 Lucky Curve nib, very clean condition with strong imprints, no dings, initials "MS" engraved on cap. Described in Parker's 1914 catalog: "Barrel, cap and nozzle entirely covered with 18K gold. There is something about the plainness of this pen that makes it very pleasing to the eye." Cannot guarantee gold content, but no evidence of brassing. Much less common than more ornate contemporary models such as the 62. Box leatherette hinge partly cracked c. 1914 fine flexexc $2250 ORDER

16156 Parker14 Jack-Knife Safety black hard rubber ringtop button-filler, sterling silver filigree overlay, 11.6 cm long, earlier production with narrow knurled band at end of blind cap, #3 Lucky Curve nib with banner imprint, intact Lucky Curve feed, wide raised barrel threads, early riveted pressure bar with attached button. Only minor fading, number imprint on blind cap clean, nib writes hairline-thin with no to light pressure, opens wide with normal writing pressure , minimal fading, milling on blind cap sharp but no number imprint; #2 Lucky Curve nib is very flexible c. 1914 extra-fine flexfine $695 ORDER

15746 Parker20 Jack-Knife Safety clipless black hard rubber button-filler, 13.1 cm long, fine imprints on cap, barrel, and blind cap, with good milling at ends, raised barrel threads are an earlier feature, excellent overall appearance. Original Lucky Curve feed intact, #2 nib is a responsive writer but has hairline crack at its base -- fully usable, but will eventually need welding if to be used extensively c. 1915 medium fine flexfine* $200 ORDER

16419 Parker20 Jack-Knife Safety scarce version with transparent Bakelite barrel, button-filler with smooth hard rubber cap, nickel plated trim, 12.9 cm long, very flexible #2 Lucky Curve nib, spearhead feed with tail cut off, sharp barrel imprint, early blind cap bears number 20 1/2 though the 1/2 should denote a chased pen; sealed crack in threads at end of barrel under blind cap (invisible without magnification), typical barrel darkening, needs strong backlighting to view transparency c. 1917 fine flexVG* $485 ORDER

14314 Parker16 Jack-Knife Safety gold filled filigree over black hard rubber ringtop button-filler, 11.9 cm long, later production example, barrel is black celluloid and is likely an old replacement (the imprint shows under the barrel overlay); Lucky Curve feed is intact, #2 Lucky Curve nib is long-tined and a smooth writer with moderate flexibility c. 1918 medium flexVG-fine* $325 ORDER

15776 Parker49 Jack-Knife Safety black hard rubber ringtop button-filler, gold filled overlay, 11.4 cm long, teardrop-vent #2 Lucky Curve nib is notably long-tined and flexible, crack at base hidden inside section does not affect function; earlier production with prominent barrel threads, blind cap imprinted "102" c. 1918 fine flexfine* $250 ORDER

16513 Parker65 Jack-Knife Safety black chased hard rubber button-filler, 13.3 cm long, uncommon model with wide gold filled barrel band, nickel plated washer clip is very early production with error on patent date stamp ("15" for the 1916 patent). Intact Lucky Curve feed, Lucky Curve #2 nib is long-tined and very flexible c. 1918 medium fine flexVG $275 ORDER

15773 Parker92 Jack-Knife Safety rare full-length black hard rubber button-filler with full gold filled scroll-engraved overlay, 13.3 cm long; beautiful workmanship, elegant monogram in barrel cartouche, blind cap is a later replacement, #3 Lucky Curve nib has been retipped and is a smooth and responsive writer c. 1921 medium fine flexVG-fine* $1100 ORDER

15406 ParkerDuofold Senior red hard rubber bandless button-filler, 14 cm long, gold filled trim, an iconic model in excellent condition with strong large imprint, milling on ends sharp with minor marks, and but one spot of brassing atop the clip ball. Tipping is scant but present, nib writes a handsomely shaded line. Name and fraternity letters stippled very lightly on barrel opposite imprint -- so lightly that we only noticed it during closeup photography. "6" imprinted on end of blind cap c. 1922 fine stub semiflexexc $1400 ORDER

16366 ParkerDuofold Junior red hard rubber button-filler, 11.6 cm long, gold filled trim, large imprint, intact Lucky Curve feed, end milling clean, notable sharp-cut calligraphic nib; scattered superficial digs to barrel threads do not affect function (see details) c. 1924 broad italic semiflexfine* $325 ORDER

15709 Parkerbutton-filler black chased hard rubber "Black Line" ringtop, 12 cm long, gold filled trim, crisp imprints and chasing, ends with sharp milling, Lucky Curve #3 nib has a rounded oblique nib, a wet writer that needs to be canted correctly for best results c. 1928/1937 medium broad oblique semiflexnear mint $200 ORDER

16429 Parkerbutton-filler uncommon long slender streamline model in gold and cream, 12.6 cm long, gold filled trim, Lucky Curve #2 nib is a notably smooth and calligraphic writer c. 1932 fine stub flexfine-exc $265 ORDER

13527 ParkerDuofold Senior Deluxe set oversize streamline button-filler in Moderne Pearl green and black, 13 cm long, gold filled trim, triple cap bands with wider central band, straong imprint, numbered Duofold Deluxe nib, comb feed; matching pencil uses 1.1 mm lead, color is slightly brighter than that of the pen c. 1934 extra-fine rigidfine-exc $785 ORDER

16403 ParkerChallenger grey pearl and black button-filler, 13 cm long, nickel plated trim, section with ink window, crisp imprints with double-digit date code with dot, nib is notably fine and a precise writer 1937 extra-finefine-exc $150 ORDER

15707 ParkerDuofold Juniorette Deluxe black streamline button-filler, 11.6 cm long, gold filled trim, late production with 4th quarter date, clip without patent date, notable factory italic nib 1939 broad italicexc $265 ORDER

15264 ParkerVacumatic Slender Maxima set in box silver pearl laminate, 13.3 cm long, nickel plated trim, Blue Diamond clip, striped jewels and section; both pen and matching Non-Stop repeater pencil have extra-wide bands with matching monograms. Pencil uses 1.1 mm lead, has strong imprint with 2nd quarter 1939 date code, pen date code worn away but by features of close production date. Pen was serviced at some time during WW2, as its notably smooth and flexible two-tone Arrow nib is for a Major and has a 2nd quarter 1941 date code, while the filler unit is an all-plastic war-era replacement -- rarely seen in this larger size, as wartime production did not give priority to replacement parts for older models. Scarce and desirable streamline box has some warpage, though much less than typical c. 1939 fine flexfine-exc* $695 ORDER

15455 ParkerDuofold Senior red and silver pearl Vac-filler with black stripes, 13.6 cm long, gold filled over silver trim, Blue Diamond clip, geometric patterned cap band, largest size, much scarcer than contemporary Vacumatics; good imprint with 3rd quarter date code, fine barrel transparency, wartime "V" for victory nib 1943 extra-fineexc $285 ORDER

12966 ParkerVacumatic Debutante silver pearl laminate with wide "jeweler's" cap band, 12 cm long, chrome plated trim, bold imprint with original silver infill but lacking date code, perfect transparency, appears to be new old stock, never filled (we have replaced the diaphragm), pristine. This pen came to us without a nib; we have installed a correct new old stock nib c. 1946 extra-finenear mint $265 ORDER

16069 Parker51 Demi set dark blue Vac-filler, 12.25 cm long, 1/10 14K gold filled cap in fine parallel lines pattern, gold filled plain arrow clip, strong barrel imprint with 2nd quarter date code, matching twist-action pencil uses .9 mm lead. Tiny stress mark on side of hood opening barely noticeable, does not affect function. A clean higher grade example of an uncommon 51 variant (Vac-filling Demis were produced for a much shorter time than their Aerometric successors, and are differently proportioned: shorter, but full-sized in girth) 1948 fine obliqueexc* $265 ORDER

13843 Parker61 black capillary-filler, 12.8 cm long, stainless steel cap, gold filled trim, test-market design differing in several key respects from the full production version introduced in 1956: "61" logo pierced into gold undernib shield and barrel-end vent; integral barrel and hood construction; unique cap design, interior details shown in US patent 2,773,479, applied for March 1, 1952. Parker intended to put this design into full production until consumers rejected it during test marketing. Shallow dent to undernib shield, sealed hairline in shell at base of nib opening (see details), fully functional and otherwise excellent c. 1953 extra-finefine-exc* $450 ORDER

14114 Parker75 Godron early production in heavy gold plate, solid ends, 20 micron mark, French-made 14K nib unit, metal squeeze converter, section with angle indicator and "0" center mark c. 1968 broadfine-exc $325 ORDER

16392 ParkerWorld Memorial Duofold International limited edition black cartridge-filler, 13.15 cm long, gold plated trim, edition of 10,000 pieces, made in USA, "IU" date code for 3rd quarter, two-tone 18K nib is marked as "M" on the feed, but more of a broad. Lightly used, complete packaging including cherrywood box and cardboard outer box, paperwork.The emblem on the cap top is made from the metal of decommissioned Soviet SS20 and US Pershing missiles 1991 broadnear mint $695 ORDER

16269 Pen-O-PencilTwinpoint combo gold filled ringtop lever-filler, 12.5 cm long, engine turned cap and barrel, #2 nib has nice flexibility; high quality manufacture, excellent condition but for dings in barrel and cap (see details). Pencil end uses 1.1 mm lead c. 1929 fine* $165 ORDER

15013 Pen-O-PencilTwinpoint combo white gold filled lever-filler, 13.7 cm long, grouped parallel lines pattern, #2 nib is very flexible; not much wear, but a couple of pinprick dings to the cap, barrel has bump on the side and dents all around behind the threads, initials engraved in cartouche. There is also a small split in the section overlay, which does not affect function. Pencil end uses 1.1 mm lead, high quality construction c. 1929 fine flexVG* $275 ORDER

15736 Salzlever-filler red chased hard rubber oversize flat-top with purple casein ends, 14.2 cm long, gold filled trim, generously sized Salz-imprinted nib has barely any tipping but is still a fine writer. Overall appearance is fine, but cap has tight hairline cracks at mouth and top (along with a scrape mark) none of which affects the pen's usability (see details) c. 1925 fine stub semiflexG* $165 ORDER

16126 SheafferSelf-Filling black hard rubber lever-filler with gold filled filigree overlay, 13.75 cm long, early production with raised barrel threads, narrow feed, narrow #2 Self Filling nib with heart-shaped vent hole. Monogram elegantly engraved in barrel cartouche, nib has a short crack in the middle of the imprint that does not extend to either the vent hole or the heel and does not affect usability c. 1914 fine flexVG-fine $895 ORDER

15327 Sheaffer5-30 jade green large flat-top ringtop lever-filler, 12 cm long, black ends, gold filled trim, 5-30 nib is extraordinarily fine-tipped and writes a naturally shaded line; fine color, strong imprints, name on barrel c. 1928 extra-finefine-exc $150 ORDER

15547 SheafferLifetime jade green ringtop lever-filler with black quill, black cap top with White Dot, gold filled trim, 15.1 cm long, Lady Lifetime nib; though unprepossessing, a scarce and historically important model, described as the "ur-Balance" and the "missing link" in Daniel Kirchheimer's Origin of the Sheaffer Balance. Moderate discoloration, barrel imprint weak in the center, a few nicks to the nib around its imprint c. 1928 extra-fine rigidVG-fine $450 ORDER

14643 SheafferUniver rare oversize lever-filler in green-tinted black and pearl, 13.4 cm long, gold filled trim but only gold wash (now missing) on clip, comb feed, correct #6 Sheaffer-made warranted nib has scant tipping but is still a fine writer. Sheaffer extended the color range of their Univer sub-brand by applying tinted celluloid lacquer over black and pearl. In this case, the original overtinting has worn thin due to usage and polishing, Most Univers are small; oversize examples are seldom seen. Toothmarks to ends, small pit next to cap band (see details) c. 1934 fine flexVG $385 ORDER

15279 SheafferBalance 3-25 long slender black lever-filler, 13.7 cm long, nickel plated trim, 3-25 nib writes a nicely shaded line; strong barrel imprint but some scratches at ends, mechanically perfect c. 1935 extra-fine semiflexVG $125 ORDER

16028 SheafferBalance golden pearl striated lever-filler, 13.75 cm long, gold filled trim, section with ink window, #3 nib c. 1936 extra-fineexc $125 ORDER

12038 SheafferCraftsman black lever-filler, 12.8 cm long, gold filled trim, uncommon variant with Gregg shorthand symbol on barrel; sharp imprints, very slight swelling over lever retaining spring c. 1947 extra-finefine $120 ORDER

15907 SheafferSnorkel Signature black pneumatic-filler, 14.2 cm long, gold filled clip, facsimile signature lightly engraved on 14K solid gold cap band; two-tone conical Triumph nib is a smooth and precise writer c. 1955 extra-finefine-exc $205 ORDER

14195 SheafferLady Skipsert XVI desk set cartridge desk pen, 14.7 cm long, small conical gold plated Triumph nib, enameled gold moire finish on both pen and holder, wear specks in finish (see detail) but overall fine appearance. Green onyx base is 9 cm (3.5 inches) square, nameplate is unengraved c. 1959 extra-finefine $95 ORDER

15873 Tiffanyretracting dip pen and pencil combination large gold filled holder, marked only with patent date of Feb 19, 1867 for US62227, assigned to Hicks, 8.4 cm long closed, 13.8 cm extended excluding #6 ventless gold Tiffany-marked nib. Taper is pulled to extend, twisted to extend pencil nozzle, uses 1.5 mm lead. The Hicks-Tiffany connection was long, continuing well into the 1900s c. 1875 fine flexexc $600 ORDER

15792 Tiffanydip pen beautiful sterling silver holder, 16.7 cm long excluding nib, with finely-chased floral repousse decoration with acanthus-bordered rings; fully marked, top-quality work, not to be confused with run-of-the-mill Tiffany-marked pens made by lesser subcontractors. Nib is gold, an excellent Edward Todd #4 with great flexibility c. 1890 extra-fine flexexc $1100 ORDER

15143 unmarkedeyedropper-filler black hard rubber slip-cap, 13.6 cm long, gold filled Art Nouveau filigree overlay has not a trace of brassing (was sold to us as tested as 14K, but more likely top quality very thick gold laminate). Closely resembles a Waterman, similar quality but parts do not interchange. #2 warranted nib is a notable writer, only slightest fading to hard rubber c. 1905 medium stub flexexc $425 ORDER

14465 unmarkedpencil black with ivory-colored trim band, 13.2 cm long, uses 1.9 to 2.0mm lead; probably English or German, material appears to be casein-based, a few light scratches on the barrel, probably from a slip-on clip c. 1928 fine $45 ORDER

16051 WahlTempoint black hard rubber ringtop eyedropper-filler, 9.75 cm long, full smooth 1/8 18K gold filled overlay, long-tined #2 Tempoint nib; very early production and largely identical to Boston version with same metal content marks and 1904 patent imprints. Dropper-filling Wahls were only made for a very short time after the Boston acquisition c. 1918 fine flexexc $250 ORDER

16307 Wahllever-filler early production black hard rubber ringtop, 9.8 cm long, full gold filled overlay with fine parallel lines pattern, made shortly after Wahl's takeover of Boston Safety, this pen bears no Wahl markings on cap or barrel, just "14 1/8" and the patent date of July 5, 1904, while the side of the lever is imprinted with the patent date for the spring pressure bar used for a short time under licence from Sheaffer."WAHL/PEN"-imprinted #2 nib writes a precise and elegantly shaded line c. 1919 extra-fine semiflexfine-exc $175 ORDER

16257 Wahllever-filler green gold filled #4-size "all metal barrel", 11.9 cm long, "Grecian border" pattern, unusual model with "CINCINNATI/1924" emblem in cap top, notably flexible Signature nib 1924 fine flexexc-near mint $295 ORDER

15230 WahlSignature smooth red hard rubber lever-filler, 13.95 cm long, gold filled trim, roller clip, notable Signature nib; no brassing, no sign of ever having been filled, some handling marks and what appears to be a manufacturing defect in the form of a tiny nick to the end of the barrel (see detail). An uncommon model, and especially rare in red hard rubber c. 1925 medium fine stub flexexc-near mint $625 ORDER

16506 WahlSignature chased red hard rubber ringtop lever-filler, 11.3 cm long, gold filled trim, Signature nib; cap lip has been replaced using original material (repair invisible from exterior) c. 1927 medium stub flexfine* $200 ORDER

15861 Wahl-EversharpSignature oversize jade flat-top lever-filler, 14.15 cm long, gold filled trim, largest pre-Gold Seal model, the precursor to the oversize "Deco Band". Some discoloration to ends, polishing wear, both nib and clip appear to have been replaced in the Gold Seal era (both marked "Wahl Eversharp" rather than simply "Wahl", roller clip is longer than original) c. 1926 extra-fine flexVG-fine* $450 ORDER

16520 Wahl-Eversharpdesk set scarce and desirable glass pelican base in high Art Deco style by Pierre D'Avesn, made in France; base measures 10.7 x 8.9 cm, with slender lever-filler desk pen in Coral, gold filled trim, Wahl Signature nib has an extremely fine tip with lively flexibility though limited line width variation. Base has a small flake on one bottom corner and larger losses to the pelican's wings, overall appearance excellent c. 1929 extra-fine flexVG* $300 ORDER

15860 Wahl-Eversharppurse pen vest pocket size lever-filler in jade green, 11.5 cm long, Equi-Poised profile, gold filled trim, small clasp clip, #2 Manifold nib is notably fine and precise. Some discoloration, but moderate and mostly even c. 1932 extra-fine firmfine-exc $160 ORDER

16428 Wahl-Eversharppurse pen vest pocket size lever-filler in "Borneo Pearl", 10.1 cm long, Equi-Poised profile, gold filled trim, small clasp clip, #2 Manifold nib; rare color, multiple cap lip cracks have been sealed and stabilized, silicone sac installed to preserve color c. 1932 extra-fine firmVG* $365 ORDER

11773 Waterman222 rare black hard rubber taper cap eyedropper-filler with .999 fine silver Art Nouveau filigree barrel overlay, 14.6 cm long, Spoon Feed with patent date imprint, early #2 New York nib; imprints on the silver are all present and legible, noting light toothmarks at barrel end c. 1901 extra-fine semiflexfine $2250 ORDER

14315 Waterman222 black hard rubber half-overlay taper-cap eyedropper-filler, 14.4 cm long, "Chased" pattern sterling silver barrel with Heath maker's mark, slight even fading, monogram elegantly engraved on barrel, imprint on taper cap is worn but legible, early Spoon Feed with long tail, no imprint on posting end, not uncommon on earlier Watermans c. 1902 extra-fine semiflexfine $1250 ORDER

14043 Waterman414 early black hard rubber eyedropper-filler with .999 fine silver filigree Art Nouveau overlay; 13.1 cm long, #4 nib is a notable writer, early imprint, stable base crack; imprints on the silver are clean and legible, hard rubber has been professionally chemically reblackened. #4-size fine silver overlays are much less common than #2-size c. 1903 medium stubVG* $875 ORDER

9133 Waterman322 Commercial black hard rubber taper-cap eyedropper-filler, solid 9K English-hallmarked barrel overlay, 14.6 cm long; pre-Globe cap imprint worn but fully legible, seam split at front of overlay rewelded (see details); long-tail feed with patent imprints, early slender #2 New York nib c. 1905 medium flexexc* $950 ORDER

16423 WatermanPenanink black chased hard rubber eyedropper-filler, 12.8 cm long, approximately the size of a Waterman 12, with full Penanink imprints and nib, early style narrow feed. Only slightest fading, strong chasing and imprints, some light scratches to cap from slip-on aftermarket clip. Long tined nib is a smooth and very flexible writer. One of Waterman's earlier and less common subbrands c. 1905 fine flexfine-exc $225 ORDER

10952 Waterman612 black hard rubber slip cap eyedropper-filler with pearl slabs on barrel, smooth gold filled barrel bands; 13.5 cm long, moderate even fading to hard rubber, #2 New York nib opens up easily with minimal pressure c. 1907 fine flexfine $950 ORDER

15527 Waterman612 black hard rubber slip cap eyedropper-filler with pearl slabs on barrel, 13.4 cm long, smooth gold filled barrel bands, one of which is engraved with a monogram; imprint on cap is worn but fully legible, patent imprint on feed, early #2 New York nib is soft and flexible. Pearl-slab Watermans are not common, and nearly all are taper-caps c. 1907 medium fine flexVG-fine $895 ORDER

13631 Waterman0502 gold filled "Chased" pattern eyedropper-filler, 13.3 cm long, posting end has usual scratches from cap but "WATERMAN" imprint clearly legible; spoon feed with patent imprints and long internal tail, tail end chipped, section front edge as well (does not affect function), "Vivian" engraved in barrel cartouche c. 1908 fine flexVG-fine $825 ORDER

11729 WatermanRemex Self-Filler No. 101 rare early sleeve-filler, 14 cm long, all-aluminum construction with a hard rubber section assembly, sleeve rotates rather than slides to expose filler bar; originally made with the pressure bar tied to the sac, this specimen uses a more conventional attachment as found in other Waterman sleeve-fillers. Patent date imprint refers to William Ferris's patent 799,897 of 1905 (Ferris' patent 950,817 of 1910 is the one covering the usual Waterman sleeve-filler design), narrow feed, Remex nib; scattered nicks and shallow dings to the cap and rotating sleeve c. 1908 fine flexVG $950 ORDER

15751 Waterman402 slender black hard rubber straight-cap eyedropper-filler with uncommon "Golph" or "Golpheresque" pattern (catalogued under both names) sterling silver overlay, 13.4 cm long; monogram on barrel, some scratching to posting end, but the silver is otherwise extraordinarily well preserved, with strong imprints and chasing work sharp to the touch. Narrow long-tailed feed with patent marks, narrow #2 nib is somewhat later, one sealed stress line at mouth of section cannot be distinguished from a very light scratch even under magnification c. 1908 medium fine flexfine-exc* $1600 ORDER

16502 Waterman14 POC black chased hard rubber clipless screw-cap eyedropper-filler, 12.85 cm long, two fancy gold filled barrel bands with floral chasing, no trace of brassing, early narrow raised threads, wear and fading but mechanically sound, #4 New York nib has great flexibility and good paper feel c. 1910 medium fine flexG-VG $295 ORDER

16494 Waterman14 VS black chased hard rubber safety, 11.9 cm long, nickel-plated clip with 1905 and 1910 patent dates, early mechanism with helical grooves inside barrel, nib turns as extended and retracted; feed with patent imprints, #4 New York nib offers notable line width contrast; end knob incorrectly marked 12VS, hard rubber crisp and glossy c. 1910 extra-fine flexexc-near mint $350 ORDER

10974 Waterman412 SF black hard rubber clipless sleeve-filler with sterling silver "Filigree" overlay, 13.3 cm long, #2 New York nib is smooth and lively, number at end of barrel is worn away, sleeve overlay bears initials and date c. 1911 fine flexVG $1200 ORDER

10506 Waterman0512½ PSF early black hard rubber clipless lever-filler with rose gold filled "Gothic" pattern overlay, 13.5 cm long; one of Waterman's first lever-fillers, with narrow raised barrel threads and two-piece sprung pressure bar. Imprints on hard rubber posting end are mostly worn away, commensurate wear to overlay, initials on barrel. Long-tined New York #2 nib is a wet writer and very soft, should be used with a light hand c. 1915 medium fine flexVG $595 ORDER

16493 Waterman14 PSF black chased hard rubber lever-filler, 13.4 cm long, gold filled trim, made in Canada, early model with raised narrow barrel threads, two-part sprung pressure bar; imprinted feed, Canadian #4 nib is a responsive writer, noting the beginnings of a stress crack from the left side of the vent hole (see detail). Even fading, imprints and chasing worn c. 1916 fine flexG-VG* $175 ORDER

16486 Waterman14 PSF black chased hard rubber lever-filler, 13.45 cm long, gold filled trim, early model with narrow raised barrel threads, two-piece sprung pressure bar, flattish lever end with large globe logo, oval recess without fingernail groove. Strong feed imprint, #4 New York nib springy with restrained line width variation c. 1916 fine flexfine-exc $350 ORDER

16485 Waterman52½ long slender black chased hard rubber lever-filler, 13.5 cm long, nickel-plated trim, crisp and glossy, early wide clip with 1905 and 1910 patent dates, clean imprints on feed, #2 New York nib c. 1918 fine flexexc $295 ORDER

12440 Waterman0512 Filigree black hard rubber slip-cap eyedropper-filler, gold filled overlay, 13.6 cm long, initials "A.G.C." engraved on barrel, lively and responsive #2 New York nib, cap dome is more yellowish in tone than the rest of the overlay c. 1919 medium fine flexfine $425 ORDER

8907 Waterman472 uncommon black hard rubber screw-cap eyedropper-filler with smooth sterling silver overlay; 13.1 cm long, London hallmarks, number at barrel end is simply "72" with no hundreds column digit, as is typical for English-market Watermans; 1925-dated presentation inscription, nice stub #2 nib has an incipient hairline from the vent hole, but should be stable if used without excessive writing pressure; even wear, light marks to metal, one tiny stress crack where barrel overlay crimped in place (see detail; for some reason these are extremely common in English-market Waterman overlays) 1920 medium italic flexVG* $485 ORDER

15118 Waterman442½V black hard rubber ringtop safety with sterling silver "Filigree" overlay, 9.4 cm long, slight fading, even wear, turning knob model imprint without the 4 in the hundreds position, Waterman #2 nib is an old replacement, likely c. 1940 c. 1920 fine flexfine* $295 ORDER

14878 Waterman552½ black hard rubber lever-filler with smooth solid 14K gold overlay and trim, 13.6 cm long, #2 nib has a semistub tip, responsive flex with great line width variation. Number on barrel end missing, shallow irregularities to overlay, fine overall appearance c. 1920 medium fine flexfine $685 ORDER

16480 Waterman52½ long slender black chased hard rubber lever-filler, 13.5 cm long, 18K gold filled trim, early 1920s broad clip with large rivets, like new noting tiny stress line beginning from left of vent hole of #2 New York nib c. 1923 fine flexexc* $295 ORDER

16378 Waterman0552½ Pansy Panel set in box black hard rubber slender full-length lever-filler, 13.3 cm long, 18K gold filled overlay with hand-engraved floral decoration, matching pencil uses 1.1 mm lead, both pieces neatly monogrammed, moderate even fading to hard rubber, only spot brassing to usual high points; #2 nib is classic Waterman, smooth with easy and responsive flexibility, pencil top is plain hard rubber replacement, original would have been metal covered c. 1923 fine flexfine* $695 ORDER

15280 Waterman0554 Pansy Panel black hard rubber clipless lever-filler with rose gold filled overlay, 13.8 cm long, anomalous configuration with narrow raised barrel threads characteristic of early PSF production. Initials engraved on cap, #4 nib has nice flex though with limited line width range, excellent snapback c. 1925 fine flexfine $650 ORDER

10678 Waterman552½ LEC black hard rubber lever-filler with solid 14K green gold overlay in Sheraton (grouped parallel lines) pattern; 13 cm long, light bumps to ends, barrel engraving has been covered with a matching solid gold plate; nib has a very fine tip, opens up to a considerable degree with slight pressure c. 1925 extra-fine flexVG-fine* $895 ORDER

13310 Waterman554 LEC black hard rubber lever-filler, 14K solid gold overlay in "Sheraton" pattern, 13.75 cm long, classic Waterman signature-style #4 nib, metal crisp but for a couple of small and shallow bumps, initials engraved in barrel cartouche over previous filled monogram; a large pen of considerable heft and presence c. 1926 medium-fine flexfine-exc $1250 ORDER

16128 Waterman0552 Filigree black hard rubber lever-filler with 18K green gold filled overlay, 13.85 cm long, #2 Ideal nib is a smooth calligraphic writer c. 1928 fine flexfine-exc $565 ORDER

16529 Waterman452 Filigree black hard rubber lever-filler, sterling silver overlay, 13.7 cm long, slight fading to hard rubber, scattered shallow bumps to the silver with overall excellent appearance and performance, #2 nib is an outstanding writer c. 1929 extra-fine flexfine $495 ORDER

13288 Waterman32½ unusual slender lever-filler, 12 cm long, chrome plated trim, striking burgundy-copper pearl with bright red inclusions, both the material and the model normally seen only in Canadian production. This pen, however, is USA-made, apparently for export, and fully marked; lever is of later design, but likely original, some heat distortion to the cap around the threads. Account nib is notably fine c. 1932 needlepointfine $175 ORDER

15558 WatermanLady Patricia rare black hard rubber lever-filler with sterling silver "Bay Leaf" overlay, 11.1 cm long, a few light marks, initials elegantly engraved in barrel cartouche; Account nib is a precise writer c. 1939 extra-fine firmfine-exc $895 ORDER

16256 WatermanCommando cordovan lever-filler, 12.85 cm long, gold filled trim, made in Canada, notable nib is very fine with enough flexibility for subtly shaded writing c. 1943 extra-fine semiflexfine $175 ORDER

15930 WatermanSkywriter in box black celluloid lever-filler, 12.75 cm long, nickel plated trim, Canadian-made subbrand model by Waterman's subsidiary Alco (Aikin Lambert Co.). Wartime pen, great nib but cap bands irregularly crimped, slight swelling of barrel over lever pivot. From the Hopkins collection, dispersed at Bonhams some thirty years ago. Hopkins was a British Army officer, meticulous about recording the circumstances of each purchase, retaining and annotating receipts, instructions, and boxes to an almost obsessive degree c. 1943 fine stub flexfine-exc* $175 ORDER

15025 WeidlichStar black chased hard rubber ringtop lever-filler, 11 cm long, gold filled ringtop fitting may be an old addition, as lever is nickel; some fading including the shadow of a slip-on clip on the cap, chasing and imprints good, high quality Weidlich #2 nib writes a nicely shaded line c. 1926 fine stub semiflexfine $120 ORDER

15067 Williamsoneyedropper-filler black hard rubber with fluted mother of pearl slabs on the barrel, gold filled filigree overlay on the cap, 13.45 cm long, Williamson #3 nib has an unusual deliberate downwards angle at the tip, "AUTO" imprint on patented feed; pen is not otherwise marked, which is typical, other than nib and feed, it is nearly identical to a Parker 15 (Parker and Williamson were closely connected, with overlapping ownership and management). A lovely pen, pearl shows much more color than appears in the photos, only a few tiny chips to the narrow raised ridges, "Lucile" engraved on cap c. 1910 fine flexfine-exc $1450 ORDER

16299 Williamsoneyedropper-filler oversize black hard rubber slip-cap with gold filled filigree overlay, 13.85 cm long, big #6 Williamson nib is a notably flexible and responsive writer; opens wide with only light pressure; distinctive "Autofeed" is intact and imprinted, one small chip to front edge of section does not affect function. This pen is largely the same as a Parker 41, though much scarcer in the Williamson version. Hard rubber evenly faded, noting slight shadowing on the cap from a slip-on clip, "Dad" engraved in barrel cartouche c. 1910 fine flexVG-fine $1200 ORDER

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