An eBay Glossary [The PENnant, 2001]

When the description says. . . It really means. . .

"rare" The only one I have. Listed. At the moment.
"Bakelite" Not metal or wood.
"working" The lever snaps back. Well, it did before.
"14K" . . . is written someplace on the thing.
"early" Not the model on display at Staples.
"easily restored" Parts.
"a picture is worth 1000 words" Too many flaws to describe.
"some brassing" Some plating.
"tested 14K gold" Gold filled.
"ask questions" Donít ask, donít tell.
"I know nothing about old pens" . . . and I hope you do too.
"Victorian" 1920s.
"Deco" 1950s.
"fountain pen nibs" Steel dip pen nibs.
"a similar pen sold recently for. . ." . . . and I hope no oneís tipped off the underbidders yet
"gold" . . . colored.
"good condition for its age" Not good condition.
"a small dent" . . . on a car.


Copyright © 2001 David Nishimura. All rights reserved