We do not offer repair services ourselves. Some recommendations are listed below:

Daniel Kirchheimer is best known for his top-notch ding removal work on metal pen caps, Parker 51 caps being a particular specialty. He also offers other repair services, including plating.

Ron Zorn is one of the most active US fountain pen repairmen. In addition to the usual reconditioning services, he is a specialist in restoration of cracks and other damage to vintage plastics.

Rick Horne (AKA The Southern Scribe) is an experienced repairman and collector who offers everything from basic repairs up to advanced services such as replating and cap band replacement.

If you are in the UK or Europe, we recommend that you make use of the repair services offered by The Battersea Pen Home in England.

Greg Minuskin is a top-notch watch man who moved into nib work many years ago now. He offers a full range of restoration services, including crack repair and retipping.

Manuals for the repair of vintage pens are not widely available. For many years, the late Frank Dubiel's book was the only modern manual available, but it has now been decisively surpassed by Jim Marshall and Laurence Oldfield's Pen Repair (available in the USA from Pendemonium, or directly from the authors in the UK here). Copies of original manuals may be downloaded through the PCA's Reference Library , and are invaluable for their illustrations of pen anatomy. Do note, however, that many of the old-time techniques were intended to maximize speed, not minimize risk (and were based upon access to inexpensive replacement parts, which in most cases are no longer available), and are not recommended today. Articles on pen repair are to be found scattered throughout back copies of various publications, with much repair and restoration discussion available online in the various pen forums, and ongoing exchanges in the various Facebook pen groups. To date, YouTube has been a decidedly mixed bag as far as repair information is concerned. Most seasoned professionals who share their methods online have not done so in video form, leaving YouTube to be dominated by enthusiastic amateurs -- not all of whom use the best practices.

Pen repair videos of more consistent reliability are also available on DVD. Contact Jim Marshall for more information.

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Although many hobbyists repair their own pens, I can tell you from personal experience that the learning curve is steep. Manuals help, but there is no substitute for hands-on experience. I've been at this for nearly twenty years, working on literally thousands of vintage pens of all types. It is because I know how far I have come in that time, that I so strongly recommend that any pen of significant value be entrusted to an experienced vintage pen professional. To give you some idea of what you are up against, please take a look at my article, Pen Repair Don'ts I hate to see fine pens unnecessarily damaged or destroyed, and this essential reading may save you a lot of heartache. More articles on pen repair are to be found in the FAQ section, including one on Shopping for Repair Work.

David Nishimura