Other Links

Here are some links we have found useful and interesting, many of which have absolutely nothing to do with pens, pencils, or writing equipment:

Quill cutting primer: Do it yourself penmaking. A simpler process is outlined here, illustrated with drawings that may be easier to follow than the photos at the first link.

Handmade paper links: In German and English

Origami.com: There is much that can be done with paper besides writing on it!

Maine Antique Digest: Lots of resources of all sorts, including a vast number of links.

Horology: The Index: If you are interested in watches and clocks, this is a good place to look.

FAA Flight Delays (USA): Y our airline often won't tell you, but this US Government website will, in real time.

The Register: Get the scoop on the latest tech news; good source on issues relating to privacy and civil liberties.

Webopedia: Handy online encyclopedia of computer and Internet terminology.