Many periodicals devoted primarily to vintage pens are now published by clubs (follow this link for more information on club publications). Commercial publications with significant coverage of vintage pens are few, noting some published in Europe as bilingual editions including English text.

The Pennant is the magazine of the Pen Collectors of America. It is published three times a year, and is a leading source of original scholarship on vintage writing instruments.

The Writing Equipment Society Journal is the Pennant's British cousin. While the Society's members are predominantly pen collectors, there is also much interest in pencils, stamp-boxes, seals, and other related items, which is reflected in the Journal's content.

The Fountain Pen Journal was launched in mid-2014, and is put out three times a year by Paul Erano.

Penna is an Italian magazine which has been covering pens both old and new for quite a few years. Articles are in Italian and English. Pen books by the same publisher may be ordered from the Penna website.

Le Stylograph focuses primarily on new pens, and is put out by a large chain of French pen boutiques.

Plumes covers pens but mostly other aspects of writing and literary culture. Not to be confused with several other similarly-titled publications and websites.

Pen World was the first pen collecting magazine in general commercial distribution. Its initial focus was on vintage pens, but it now concentrates on current production items and the new pen market.