Q:  I'm new to pen collecting; how can I know which sellers to trust?

A:  The growth of the Web has led to a proliferation of part-time dealers selling vintage fountain pens.  Some are trustworthy, but too many old pens are being sold with undisclosed defects or nonoriginal parts (as often due to the seller's inexperience as to any intent to deceive), while other pens are described as "working" even though their nibs are scratchy and their old sacs and seals are on the verge of failure.  Overgrading is rampant, making many apparent bargains no bargain at all.

We have been trading in vintage pens since the 1980s, dealing full-time since 1995.  Having been stung as new collectors ourselves, we are committed to offering only properly described and conservatively graded pieces, all fully guaranteed.  We are famously demanding about the pens we put into our own collection (other dealers and collectors often consult us on questions of condition and authenticity), and we try to limit our catalog offerings to items that meet that same standard.  References are available upon request; we are members in good standing of the Pen Collectors of America and The Writing Equipment Society (UK).