Please contact us (email with photos is best) if you have anything relating to old writing equipment to sell: one pen or a collection; parts, tools, advertising, catalogs: anything relating to pens, pencils, and ink. We are constantly buying, and with clients worldwide can pay top dollar for rare and desirable pieces. Finder's fees willingly paid! See our list below for special wants.

Print out this page and keep it handy!

Tel +1 401 351 7607 Tel +1 401 351 7607

Japanese pens with maki-e lacquer decoration

metal overlays with Art Nouveau or American Indian themes

Waterman Patricians, all colors

pens and pencils in solid gold

unusual Parker 51s

mint new old stock pens and sets

pens in red (orange) hard rubber

giant pens

early pens with bell-shaped caps

European pens, pre-WWII

pens by LeBoeuf, Chilton, Triad/Tripen

pens with Stanhopes, calendars, etc

novelty pencils, shaped like owls, keys, mummies, etc

large or fancy dip pens


An average-sized 14K gold nib's bullion value is around ten dollars, though what you will receive from a scrap buyer will be rather less. We will pay $15 and up for most common nibs, if intact. Rare nibs we will buy in any condition; if in doubt, call or e-mail for more information.

We have paid up to $500 for a single nib!

Higher value nibs include: Aurora, Chilton, large Duofold, John Holland, large LeBoeuf (#6, 8), Mabie Todd #8, Montblanc, OMAS, Parker #5 and up, Rider, Simplo, Waterman #8 and up; very large or very small nibs, dip pen nibs that are large, fancy, or unusual.

Mailing address: PO Box 41452, Providence, RI 02940-1452 (USA)

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