Waterman 0502 Chased

We are now back from the Los Angeles pen show. Acknowledgments of orders placed during our absence have now been sent, and all shipments will be complete by Tuesday afternoon. Thanks for your patience!

All catalog items are guaranteed original and as described. Our fountain pens and pencils have been professionally serviced and are warranted to be in perfect working order unless specifically noted otherwise.

We are known for our conservative grading: in many cases our "fine" is equivalent to other sellers' "excellent" or "near mint".

Read about our nib grading and our writing samples here. For useful definitions of specialized pen & pencil terminology, see our Glossary.

All buyers should read our Terms of Sale, and take a look at our Condition Scale. Note the details of our shipping options, as delivery time can vary substantially depending on the option chosen. If you are new to vintage pens, see our notes on basic vintage pen care, paying particular attention to selecting a compatible ink.

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