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Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) are grouped under five different categories, described below.  Click on the white-on-black links above to display each category's table of contents.  

  • Basics (essentials for newcomers, including advice on use & care)

  • Collecting (evaluation, strategy, buying & selling)

  • Manufacture (materials & techniques)

  • History (including detailed info on specific types, brands & models)

  • Repair (not just for do-it-yourselfers)

Definitions of specialized terms may be found in the Glossary, while information on everything from books to clubs to supplies is listed under Resources.  There is a separate page devoted to Filling Instructions, and an entire section of illustrated Pen Profiles giving detailed information on specific brands and models.  For a selection of articles on pens, writing equipment history, and pen & pencil collecting, see the Archive (some of these articles are also accessible through the links above).  For recommendations regarding restoration and servicing of vintage pens and pencils, see our Repair page.

For questions about the Vintage Pens site, our catalog of pens, pencils, and writing equipment, and the people behind it, see About Us

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